Read Well Fast

is the most accelerated reading


on the planet.



age 4 and up may . . .

  • advance to 6th grade reading in 9 months

  • learn reading and writing skills

  • develop self-confidence in their ability to learn any subject

  • watch the first 3 lessons FREE here

Student Requirements

All your student needs is a desire to learn and the ability to follow simple verbal instructions. With encouragement from a parent or teacher, your student's reading ability will advance at his or her own pace.

Which age group is this for, and up to which reading level?

Levels 1-6 are effective for students age 4 to 6, some teens and some Special Needs Students (intellectual, physical, social). Levels 7-9 are designed to propell students age 7 and up to a sixth grade level.

Just how fast will my student learn to read well?

We had one student say, "I hate trying to read! I hate school!" and then he became rivited to our video course, learning very quickly.

It's not uncommon for our students age 7 and up to be reading on 4th, 5th and 6th grade levels within 9 months or less.



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With variables in age and aptitude, we cannot make definitive guarantees. We can say with confidence, that if given consistent focus on this course, any student at any age will significantly improve his or her English reading and writing skills.

Bargain Investment

With this course, you can pass on hiring that $35 per hour Tutor because these 55¢ lessons allow your student to self-teach, mostly unsupervised.

Make your cost-effective investment today in a child's self-esteem, confidence, and foundation to all future learning. Your child's mind is waiting. Simply click Buy Now for easy access to the most accelerated reading course you will ever find.

No Risk

Within 30 days, if for any reason the course is not meeting your student's needs, then call for an immediate 100% refund.

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 Testimonials:

"Read Well Fast goes slowly and never talks down to students, which makes it appropriate for new readers of any age! I love the way phonics are introduced and how writing is integrated from the start. My students are enjoying the lessons and I'm seeing great progress!"

Sarah, Special Ed Teacher

"We absolutely adore it! Very pleased. I love that it's easy for them to work on without parental supervision. My 7 and 10 year old do the lessons together."

— Amanda

About David, age 4 "...when the music [break] came on, he started bouncing on the bed and dancing with happiness! He is learning so quickly with this program!" — Laureen

"Collin has finished the program [age 12] and we found it extremely helpful. We have witnessed nothing less than a miracle!"

— Erika

"He enjoyed your program, and that's a great complement from a 13-year-old from a troubled family."




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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
This course includes:
  • 55 hours spread over 180 video lessons

  • Preschool thru 6th Grade Reading

  • Reading and Writing Acitivities

  • Replay all lessons over 18 month period

  • $50 discount on repeat orders for this course helps your budget when you have a sibling or other students ready to learn. Call for discount.

  • $25 in your PayPal account for everyone you refer who buys the course, even if you have not. Call for details.

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